About Us

Just froot is passionate about using innovation to promote healthy lifestyles, by creating highly accessible and affordable healthy meal choices for customers that are always on the go.

The smoothie vending machines blends puree created from 100 percent real fruit. That’s right, No added sugar or preservatives, just fruit! The machines are plug and play which means there is no need for external water source. Just plug in the electricity supply and the smoothie machine does the rest.

Smoothie machines have been successfully deployed to schools, offices, hospitals, airports and other locations. JustFroot are the exclusive supplier of the smoothie machine and ingredients in the UK.

JustFroot also supplies a large range of frozen fruit purees that are available all year long. The purees are created from sun ripened fruits in premium and organic quality. The purees are free of artificial flavours, preservatives, sweeteners and additives.

The fruit pulp is a good source for smoothies, fruit juices, ice-cream, sorbets as well as yoghurt, desserts, jelly, cocktails and food flavouring.